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Joyland is a literary magazine that selects writing regionally. Originally dedicated to short fiction and prose, in 2012 Joyland launched this poetry-focussed partner site.


Publishers Brian Joseph Davis, Emily Schultz

Managing Editor Joyland Poetry Mathew Timmons

Senior Poetry Editors Mathew Timmons (Western United States) David McGimpsey (Central and Eastern Canada) Nathan Austin (Eastern United States) Jon Paul Fiorentino (Prairies and Western Canada) a rawlings (Consulate)


For general Joyland queries: Brian Joseph Davis

For Joyland Poetry related queries: Mathew Timmons  


"I have a theory of art: set up an arbitrary set of rules and then follow them slavishly." --Errol Morris

-These are submission guidelines for poetry. If you're submitting fiction, you should go through our other site here.

-Currently, all Joyland Poetry editors are accepting submissions at

- Each editor works with writers with some connection to their region. It's pretty loose: living in the respective city or region for any amount of time is qualification enough for submission. The city-as-setting is in no way mandatory.

- Send your work as email paste-in (No attachments, except  in case of visually-based work. Please send a PDF). Include a short bio, and your subject line should read:

[CITY OR REGION][A TITLE]. Eg. NEW YORK "To Brooklyn Bridge"

 -You must list one of our city/region sections. International authors can submit to the Consulate section. 

-Single or multiple pieces will be considered. There are no word count or line count guidelines per se but be reasonable.

- You may submit once every three months, unless requested by an editor. We encourage simultaneous submissions.

- We also have rejection guidelines, which you should read HERE.

- Read Joyland and take note of our editors and what kind of work they publish in their sections.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts which last year invested $20.1 million in writing and publishing throughout Canada.

Nous remercions de son soutien le Conseil des Arts du Canada, qui a investi 20,1 millions de dollars l'an dernier dans les lettres et l'édition à travers le Canada.


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